Our story

Have you ever been walking a dog (or a few, like me)? And while holding the bag of poop you needed to answer a phone call, grab something from your pocket or simply just didn't want to hold the bag of poop in your hands? Happy Leash is here to solve your problems! Our product works on regular or retractable leashes, and can hold multiple bags of dog poop at the same time. All the while you no longer have to carry the burden (literally). Happy Leash is easily adjustable and can be placed anywhere on the leash that best suits you.


Have your dog's leash hold their business, so you can get on with yours!

Kaya with happy leash.jpg
I have 2 dogs an 80lbs lab and a shih tzu and the product carries all the bags at the same time
— April S.
I keep a Happy Leash on all my dogs’ leashes. Carrying a bag of poop is the worst. This product eliminates that entirely. Everybody at the dog park asks me about it and where can they buy their own.
— Lorne Gold